... where London meets Munich & Italy.

Embark on a journey that spans 13 years in London, where design passion was cultivated. Now back in Munich, we merge this knowledge with the city's heritage to create uniquely exquisite silk scarves. Crafted with Italian precision, our scarves embody a blend of tradition and modernity, offering you a piece of artistry that transcends time. Welcome to Katchmagic London x Lamberty Munich, where every scarf tells a story. The result is a uniquely designed silk scarf collection with London’s artistic know-how, Munich’s natural beauty and Italian’s traditional craftsmanship. 

Designed with love and passion for an extraordinary style.

Precious, timeless and versatile. Designed in Munich. Made in Italy.

  • Sea Legacy

    Mesmerised by our very first dive at the Great Barrier Reef we started to learn and understand the importance of our oceans. With every sale of our Ocean Dive scarf we support SeaLegacy with a monthly donation.

  • Wolf and Badger

    We are proud to be selling our unique products at Wolf & Badger across London, New York and Los Angeles.


    We care about our precious environment and therefore all of our products are Oeko-Tex certified.


    We care about animals, our pets and their well-being. This is why we support the RSPCA with a monthly donation.

  • Non-Toxic-Dyes

    Unlike traditional dyeing methods that may involve toxic substances, non-toxic dyes are derived from natural sources or produced using eco-friendly processes. These dyes are carefully formulated to be gentle on both the environment and the delicate silk fibers.