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The Mystical Edelweiss - Blue Silk Scarf

The Mystical Edelweiss - Blue Silk Scarf

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The nobel flower edelweiss, a gentle mountain flower with furry white petals, is so strongly associated with the Alps it is hard to believe it originated in the Himalayas and Siberia.
Inspired by our Bavarian roots and the yearly Octoberfest this scarf represents a unique culture with all its riches and traditions.
Discover an extraordinary amount of details on this limited edition.

All productions are Oeko-Tex certified. With every sale, we support the RSPCA and Sea-Legacy with a monthly donation.

The Edelweiss silks scarf is hand-illustrated with a superior amount of details & immortalized on 100% silk.
Made and hand-finished in Italy. Designed in Munich.

Designed with love and passion for extraordinary style.

Our productions are Oeko-Tex certified.


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