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Lamberty Munich

Floral Lino - Midi Silk Scarf

Floral Lino - Midi Silk Scarf

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Introducing our exquisite Silk Harmony Floral Scarf, a masterpiece of elegance and artistry. Crafted with the finest silk, this luxurious accessory seamlessly combines the timeless allure of silk with the captivating beauty of Lino block flowers.

The scarf features a delicate canvas adorned with meticulously printed Lino block flowers, each petal and leaf meticulously detailed to create a visually stunning bouquet that dances across the fabric. The intricate design captures the essence of a blooming garden, offering a touch of nature's poetry to complement your style.

Discover an extraordinary amount of details on this limited edition. Hand-drawn and printed on 100% Silk Twill and 70cm x 70cm.

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